Real Estate

Stronghold Global Finance is a strategic investor in the real estate sector with a focus on leveraging its pools of capital in diversified segments of the real estate market, our interest in financing real estate transactions is geared towards various asset including but not limited to:

Special Economic Zones:
• Industrial Zones
• Freezones
• Agro-Processing Zones
• Logistics Hubs
• Financial Centres

1. Hotels
2. Resorts
3. Shopping Malls
4. Hospitals
5. Senior Care homes

Residential & Commercial:
1. Villas
2. Social Housing
3. Apartments
4. Offices
5. Mixed-Use
6. Smart Cities
7. Waterfront Developments


We are a committed financier in the infrastructure asset class, our mandate is to structure, fund, and realise existing and greenfield infrastructure projects. Advising, arranging and dealing in income generating infrastructure securities, backed by real assets with stable income for a medium to long term period is our forte. Our area of focus is in the following segments:

1. Sea Ports
2. Dry Ports
3. Air Ports
4. Toll Roads
5. Bridges
6. Railways
7. Natural Gas Infrastructure
8. Digital Infrastructure

Heavy Industries

Our focus on industrials is to finance high performing assets which are fully integrated or contain a significant portion of the value chain of the end product and that which consists of the transformation of raw materials, sanitation and energy sustainability. our current mandate is focused on:

1. Petrochemical & Chemicals
2. Iron & Steel
3. Alumina & Aluminium
4. Gas Processing Plants

Natural Resources & Energy

The natural resources sector is a prioritised sector in the Stronghold mandate in which we focus on funding upstream activities and its associated infrastructure. We give priority to shovel ready projects, producing assets, brownfield assets and marginal assets with access to market in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. We seek medium to long term investments in the upstream, mid stream and down stream segments of the resource sector. Our current focus is on the following:

1. Mining & Minerals
2. Oil & Gas
3. Agriculture
4.Water desalination & treatment
5. Power Plants- Solar, Wind, Hydro, Gas and Geothermal

Our location

UK Office

50 Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, SW3 3DD London

+44 203 954 0551

Africa Office

CFC Tower, Lot 57, 5ème étage Avenue Main Street, Casa Anfa, Hay Hassani, 20250 Casablanca, Morocco

+212 687 469 465

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