Transaction Services

Facility Agent/Loan Administration

Stronghold provides loan administration/facility agent services for syndicated loan/facilities and debt capital market issuances, the scope typically covered by Stronghold to fulfil its duties are as below:

  • Maintenance of the register of lenders throughout the life of the loan
  • Calculation of interest, with rate-set notices sent to borrower and lender(s) as necessary
  • Receiving compliance certificates from the borrower.
  • Confirming Condition Precedents (CPs) at closing.
  • Coordinating payments of principal from lender(s) to borrower on closing, and from borrower to lender(s) during the life of the loan and/or on maturity,
  • Coordination and administration of Payments of interest from borrower to lender(s) throughout the life of the loan
  • Processing any transfers throughout the life of the loan, including all relevant payments, documentation and updating of the register
  • Acting on behalf of the lender(s) with regards any communication with the borrower, if necessary
  • Coordinating waterfall payments, if necessary
  • Processing of any waivers that may occur during the life of the loan, including review of the documentation and execution.
Calculation Agent

As a calculation agent, we perform the calculation of interest payable by the issuer of securities to investors as calculation agent we typically have a few responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Calculating the interest payments that are due to investors
  • Calculating the principal payments that are due to investors
  • Calculating the amount of principal that is available for distribution to investors
  • Keeping records of all payments that are made to investors
  • Communicating with investors about payments

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