Heavy Industries

Heavy Industries

Stronghold Global Finance is working on the concept development exercise of investing in the development of petrochemical complex’s to add value to low priced natural gas in resource rich countries.

Stronghold Global Finance is focused on advancing industrialisation and capitalizing on natural gas produced from gas fields and to further the goals of the host countries. The project contains the following process routes and as an integrated chemicals complex:

  1. Ammonia from natural gas. Used for fertilizers and a broad range of industrial chemicals. A globally traded commodity.
  • Nitric Acid from ammonia. Used mainly for the production of ammonium nitrate with secondary markets of mineral processing and industrial chemicals.
  • Ammonium Nitrate from ammonia and nitric acid. Explosive grade ammonium nitrate (EGAN) is as blasting product used widely in the mining industry. Ammonium nitrate (fertilizer grade) is used as a fertilizer. There are many EGAN users in West Africa.
  • Chloro-alkali plant – uses power from natural gas to electrolyse seawater into caustic soda and chlorine. Chlorine is converted to hydrochloric acid, an industrial reagent with a secondary market for plastic manufacture, mainly PVC. Caustic soda is an industrial reagent.
  • Sodium Cyanide (30 kpta briquettes) the process route is similar to an ammonia plant. Cyanide is used to dissolve gold from ore in the gold mines. There are many users in West and Central Africa.

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