Stronghold Global Finance launches Actively Managed Certificate

Money Market AMC 1, an actively managed certificate, has been launched by Stronghold Global Finance (“Stronghold”) to provide an exciting opportunity for investors to benefit from risk-adjusted returns in investments grade illiquid money market securities.

This new product allows deployment of capital in asset backed commercial papers with securitized trade receivables as its underlying asset class. This product is a feature of Stronghold’s digital marketplace for trade receivable assets and money market securities including primary and secondary issuances.

The Money Market AMC 1 is an open-ended product that could reach up to $1 billion of assets under management within the first 12 months. With initial committed capital to the tune of $200 million, Stronghold expects steady growth due to strong investor interest and the diverse investor base the product attracts. Zurich based Calliopa Capital AG is the regulated investment manager while Scipion Capital, the Geneva and London based trade finance lender is the regulated investment advisor.

Stronghold aims to serve as a leading financial institution and as an economic development platform for emerging and developed markets. The company aims to facilitate the financing of impactful economic development projects while stimulating global trade.


The Launch of the Money Market AMC 1 demonstrates strong investor appetite for private markets and illiquid money market securities. The AMC serves as a differentiator in treasuries and money market portfolio’s enabling investors to benefit from a higher yield due to an illiquidity premium due to the nature of the asset class. Stronghold has simultaneously developed its digital marketplace with significant institutional investor representation to enable secondary market trading of the AMC’s underlying’s.

Tohib Iyiola

Chief Executive Officer

Stronghold Global Finance

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