Stronghold Global Finance launches Sustainable Finance Strategy for climate solutions

Dubai, UAE


Today, Stronghold Global Finance, announces the launch of its Sustainability Finance Framework1, a new offering designed to finance sustainable assets in Europe, Middle East and Africa. With this initiative, Stronghold’s climate solutions will primarily focus on the GCC and the West African Sub-region. The Stronghold Sustainability Finance Framework is in line with the International Capital Markets Associations’ and other similar relevant bodies’ strategies on the use of financial instruments solely for green assets – Buildings, Hospitals and Data Centres-, renewable energy, clean transportation, energy efficiency and circular economy adapted products, production technologies and processes as well as certified eco-efficient products.

The Sustainability Framework has undergone a second party opinion by Sustainalytics2, a Morningstar company. Investments in the eligible categories will lead to positive environmental or social impacts and will advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals, specifically SDG 7, 9, 11 and 12. Strongholds’ strategy is in line with such preferred strategies as dictated by the Green Bond Principles as well as the Green Loan Principles.

Stronghold seeks to participate in multiple transactions in line with this framework. It will focus on emerging opportunities with a view to providing sustainable financing for eligible projects especially in the United Arab Emirates, Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And in Africa, given the large infrastructure deficit in the face of a large and rapid population growth, Stronghold will focus primarily on providing funding solutions for green data centres, renewable energy and affordable housing.

Drawing from its inspiration from Cop28 hosted in Dubai in November 2023, Stronghold seeks to capitalise on the global move towards net zero emission by providing financing for climate friendly projects designed to provide critical infrastructure and to aid economic development.


Stronghold seeks to be a pioneer in climate friendly projects’ financing. It aims to provide conventional and shariah compliant financing solutions towards the development of the economy. While focussing on emerging markets, we aim to be a pioneer in providing funding solutions for execution of environmentally friendly projects, by our clients and investors who seek to participate in ESG based capital market opportunities.

Tohib Iyiola
Chief Executive Officer
Stronghold Global Finance

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